TFC Mulchers

The TFC has the best conditions for milling in all areas, for agricultural and forestry works, obtaining an optimum depth of decompactation, an uniform mixing and a very fine grain in the processed material. These factors are achieved thanks to the double milling height, which ensures a high efficiency and a very fine grain size with a low power consumption of the tractor. When we talk about the milling process of the soil, the most important factors to consider are the depth and the capacity of the machine for grinding and mixing with the ground for its rapid decomposition. These factors are the strengths of the TFC model.

> Welded frame with fixed 3 point linkage
> Front protection with quadruple chains curtain
> 3 point linkage to tractor CAT II
> Hydraulic rear hood to facilitate the entry of material and increase the quality of the finished milling
> M ainframe and hydraulic rear hood made of high strength cold forming steel
> Skids for sideways protection
> Frame shell inside covered with wear resistant steel
> Rotor with fixed hammers
> Hammers assembled to the rotor with two bolts
> 12 XPC drive belts
> Gearbox with internal free-wheel and input to 1000 rpm (1" 3/4 Z6)
> Spherical roller bearings in the rotor
> TMC CANCELA hammers with 3 carbide tips and
double cutting height
> Hammer holders placed on the rotor with helicoidal arrangement
> Application: deep (300mm) milling of soil and stumps

WEIGHT 2175 kg
POWER (HP) 150-300

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