Grizzly Wood Chipper foto sold in Southern Africa
Large Capacity Feed Mixers.
Circular Sawmills to ease the processing of timber.
Log Grapple foto sold in Southern Africa
Skidding Winches foto sold in Southern Africa
Log saw foto of type Grizzly sold in Southern Africa
A Tree Uprooter to clear stands bushes to increase the carrying capacity of your land
Chainsaws used to saw logs and trees
PriBO sawmilling equipment logo against logs.
Mulchers being used to chip wood.
Harvester heads sold in Southern Africa

TMC Mulchers

TVS Mulchers

TWM Mulchers

TWS Mulchers

TFC Mulchers

TVS Mulcher

TVS-110 TVS-130 TVS-150 TVS-180 TVS-200
WEIGHT 770 kg 850 kg 900 kg 1.040 kg 1.120 kg
No. OF HAMMERS 14+14 16+16 20+20 22+22 26+26
POWER (hp) 60-100 70-100 80-100 90-100 100-110
WORKING WIDTH 1,10 m 1,30 m 1,50 m 1,80 m 2,00 m

TWS-160 TWS-180 TWS-200
WEIGHT 615 kg 694 kg 792 kg
NR. HAMMERS 26 28 32
REQUIRED PRESSURE 180 - 250 bar / 2.610 - 3.625 psi
MIN. FLOW 70 - 165* l/min
WORKING WIDTH 1,60 m 1,80 m 2,00 m

TWM-160 TWM-180 TWM-200
WEIGHT 725 kg 810 kg 895 kg
NR. HAMMERS 16 18 20
REQUIRED PRESSURE 180-250 bar 180-250 bar 180-250 bar
MIN. FLOW 80 l/min 80 l/min 80 l/min
WORKING WIDTH 1,60 m 1,80 m 2,00 m


· Welded mainframe with double layer of high strength cold forming steel.
· Special design in the front for facilitating the input of the material.
· Front quadruple chains curtain + 1 extra curtain.
· Coupling to tractor Cat. II with incorporated quick hitch linkage balls.
· Hydraulic rear hood made of high strength steel (for facilitating the material entrance and obtaining the best finish in mulching).
· Sidestep system in frame sides for overcoming obstacles.
· Adjustable in height rounded side skids (2 positions).
· Rotor assembled with fixed hammers.
· Hammers assembled to the holders with two bolts.
· 10 XPB drive belts with ESB system.
· Gearbox with built-in freewheel and input to 1000 rpm (1”3/4 Z6).
· Rotor assembled with self-aligning spherical roller bearings.
· Reinforced PTO shaft.
· Hammers with 2 carbide tips (widias) F03 and F04 models.
· Hammer holders S08 type welded to the rotor with double helicoidal arrangement.


· Mechanical rear frame.
· Hydraulic rear frame with raker teeth.

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