Grizzly Wood Chipper foto sold in Southern Africa
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Grizzly Wood Chippers

Grizzly Chipper 75

75 mm Diameter Capacity
Wood Chipper sold in Southern Africa
Grizzly Chipper BXR180

180 mm Diameter Capacity

Grizzly Chipper CR180E

180 mm Diameter Capacity

Grizzly Chipper CR180RI

180 mm Diameter Capacity

Grizzly Chipper BXR254

254 mm Diameter Capacity

PTO Driven chippper
Grizzly Chipper CR254E

254 mm Diameter Capacity
Grizzly Chipper CR254RI

The powerful CR254RI Brush Chipper is the reliable, efficient and easy-to-use choice for tree service contractors and municipalities.
Grizzly Chipper Screw Agricultural

Screw Wood Chipper sold in Southern Africa

Standard features on the Scanwood Range of PTO powered Grizzly chippers include:

Inside every Scanwood Grizzly Wood Chipper is concentrated power, converting debris into a valuable resource. Unwanted branches taking up space and posing fire hazards quickly converts into valuable wood chips, easy to handle with many applications. For woodlot-, smallholding- and farm owners, arborists and municipalities, this means disposing of brush piles is easy, creating groundcover that's ideal for pathways and flowerbeds or improving the composting process. In Africa with its unpredictable weather, invader bush, constricting grazing land and wasting scarce soil moisture, can easily be converted into valuable feed for ruminants, combining with the ABC Hansen Bush Graze system. Sit hyperlink in Both the 180 and 254 models can be presented as mobile diesel or gasoline engine driven or electric driven stationary machines. All conversions from standard PTO models done by Scanwood Solutions in South Africa. Grizzly Chippers are strong, rugged machines that is built to work for you. The straight-forward design provides consistent chipping of logs up to 254mm in diameter, depending on the model, and has several models to suit your needs and is supported throughout sub-Saharan Africa by ABC Hansen Africa. Repairs, spares, advice and service comes as part of the 3 year warranty on all Canadian manufactured Grizzly Chippers.

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