Grizzly Wood Chipper foto sold in Southern Africa
Large Capacity Feed Mixers.
Circular Sawmills to ease the processing of timber.
Log Grapple foto sold in Southern Africa
Skidding Winches foto sold in Southern Africa
Log saw foto of type Grizzly sold in Southern Africa
A Tree Uprooter to clear stands bushes to increase the carrying capacity of your land
Chainsaws used to saw logs and trees
PriBO sawmilling equipment logo against logs.
Mulchers being used to chip wood.
Harvester heads sold in Southern Africa

PriBO Saw Milling Equipment

DEBARKER WITH RAILBOUND LOG-CARRIAGE mechanically adjustable depth limiting control ring at the outlet side, hydraulically (or pneumatic) adjustable depth limiting control ring at the inlet side of the rotor head to be operated from the cabin. Debarker SC 1000

Debarker MSP . 250 Debarker MSP . 250

Design, production, installation, training, technical Service for sawmill machines and plants

Timber Handling

Conveying, cross-cutting, debarking, measurement, sorting, impregnation

Planks and beams production

Conveyor plants for vertical log band saws, canters resaws, gang saws, edgers, multiple rip saws cross-cutting machines, planers

Semi-finished products handling

Sorting plants up to 50 boxes, stacking and destacking lines for planks, cross-cutting, measuring stamping, impregnation, classification, storing, machines and plant for prefab houses. Assembly tables

Chipping Plants

Separation, recycling and chipping of wood working offcuts.

Plants for poles processing

Round and shaped poles for palisades, prefabricated houses, children's playground equipment

Machines for different products

Machines and plants for woodwool, machines and plants for woodshavings for animal bedding

Assembly tables

For the production of timber frame elements


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