Grizzly Wood Chipper foto sold in Southern Africa
Large Capacity Feed Mixers.
Circular Sawmills to ease the processing of timber.
Log Grapple foto sold in Southern Africa
Skidding Winches foto sold in Southern Africa
Log saw foto of type Grizzly sold in Southern Africa
A Tree Uprooter to clear stands bushes to increase the carrying capacity of your land
Chainsaws used to saw logs and trees
PriBO sawmilling equipment logo against logs.
Mulchers being used to chip wood.

Log grapple

Log Grapple foto sold in Southern Africa

The Scanwood range of Log Grapples are made to manipulate lumber in your forestry setup. Whether you need to push, pull, stack or pull lumber the Log Grapple can do it all.

Featuring openings up to 180 cm your tractor, skid steer or mini skid steer can be put to use in your forest and lumber yard.

The professional time saving features include:

The Grizzly Log Grapple easily navigates 80 degree twists and turns in your forest. It is just like pulling a trailer and does not damage your roads and trails.

Grizzly Log Loader and Trailer

The Grizzly Log Loader and Trailer are ideal for hauling logs or transporting cargo.

The Grizzly Log Loader and trailer are an excellent combination for Rural property owners and forestry plantations.

The Log Loader can be fitted with the following options:

This product comes with a 5 year warranty on build quality.

With greater capacity, the Timber Talon LX115/LT60 is a robust trailer ideal for 45hp compact tractors and full size pickup trucks. Off-road or highway, this trailer is the perfect companion for hauling logs, transporting cargo or light excavation work.

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