75 mm Diameter Capacity<br/>
		Wood Chipper sold in Southern Africa<br/>

		127 mm Diameter Capacity<br/>
		Self feeding hopper<br/>
		PTO Driven chipper<br/>

		178 mm Diameter Capacity<br/>
		Hydraulic feed hopper with Intellifeed<br/>

		180 mm Diameter Capacity<br/>
		Hydraulic feed hopper with Intellifeed<br/>
		PTO Driven chippper<br/>

		254 mm Diameter Capacity<br/>
		Hydraulic feed hopper with Intellifeed<br/>
		PTO Driven chippper<br/>

		The powerful CR100 Brush Chipper is the reliable, efficient and easy-to-use choice for tree service contractors and municipalities.

Grizzly Chipper BXR180

Training on Scanwood Grizzly Wood Chippers

Optimal for professional forestry
178 mm Diameter Capacity
Hydraulic feed hopper with Intellifeed

Drive System: Direct Drive, PTO with Shearbolt HP Requirements for Maximum Capacity: 60 - 70
HP Range: 40 - 100 Recomended Hydraulic Flow: 3 - 6 GPM
Chipper Capacity: 178 mm Chipper Housing Opening: 178 x 305 mm
Rotor Size: 71,1 cm Number of Rotor Knives: 4 Segmented
Knife Type: Hardened Tool Steel Rotor Weight: 83,9 kg
Dimensions LxWxH (Hopper Folded): 211 x 142 x 229 (cm) Hopper Opening: 66,0 x 88,9 cm
Discharge Hood Rotation: 285 degrees Rated RPM: 540 - 1000
Discharge Hood Height: 228,6 cm Weight: 590 kg

Grizzly BXR Wood Chippers have a PTO powered rotor and hydraulic feed hopper, meaning branches, limbs and brush are control fed for continuous chipping at maximum capacity.

Photo of wood chipper blades
Woodchipper blades
Closeup photo of a chipper rotor
Chipper Rotor
3D rendering of the chipper roller
Dual active rollers
Figure showing the mechanism of the gripping tension in the woodchipper
Gripping tension
Photo of a Grizzly chipper feed hopper hydraulically feed.
Hydraulic feeding hopper
Figure showing the safety mechanism in a wood chipper
Safety control bar
Opening of a chipper where the wood is feed into.
Slab style opening
Photo of the hitch on the chipper. Easily conects to any tractor
Hitch of the chipper
Photo of a man adjusting the angle of the chute on a grizzly woodchipper
Adjustable chute of the woodchipper
Wood chipper on a white background
Grizzly Chipper BXR180
Photo of a man feeding a tree into a Grizzly woodchipper
Demo of the Grizzly Chipper BXR180

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